1:24 – Salvat – Ultimi acquisti

The Spanish newsstand collection "Cochs inolvidables" is now finished, although there have been numerous duplicates from the French collection, it has also delighted us with some interesting unpublished works, many of which are no longer available at a good price, as in the case of the following models just added to my personal collection:

Seat 1400 (1956) – Number 36

Dodge 3700 GT (1971) –Number 37

In addition to the unpublished models and duplicates, the Spanish collection presented many models similar to those of the French collection, but realizing different versions with the same mold, as in the case of the Citroën Dynam (1961), which is nothing more than an Ami 6 Break for the Spanish market, with headlights and bumpers modified

Nelle immagini seguenti si possono vedere le differenze rispetto alle “sorelle francesi”

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